Meet new Printmakers Inc member Maggie Stewart

Newest studio member Maggie Stewart is actually not new at all to the Torpedo Factory. After several years in Florida, she’s back in action here in Virginia. Here’s what she has to say about herself and her work:

"The Bride," Maggie Stewart (2010), woodcut

I have been a practicing artist for as long as I can recall. I enjoy both painting and printmaking. When printmaking, I utilize many various methods: etching, relief, aquatint, monoprint, monotype, and mezzotint. This came after 10 years of serigraphy.

I expect that I will be forever changing style and technique as opposed to feeling locked in to any one approach. I feel that there is always something else to experiment with and I see that certain images belong to certain methods.

That is the way I work. My studio usually has me working on at least three different techniques at once, and I blame this method on teaching art (K-12) in Fairfax County Public Schools for 25 years and I can’t seem to stop this process.

Presently I am working on drypoint etchings, paintings and prints with collage and transfers.

"The Groom," Maggie Stewart (2010), woodcut

It is with great pleasure that I join the Printmakers after knowing them since 1976 when I was in another printmaking group at the factory. We even shared a studio when the factory was having a huge make over. This will help me become so much more familiar with all types of printmaking and give me so many more ideas.

I have art work in NC (Greenleaf Gallery and Silver Bonsai) and the Sarah Jessica Gallery in Provincetown, Mass.

Maggie’s work is now hanging at Printmakers – stop by to see her beautiful pieces like The Bride (2010) and The Groom (2010).

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