Hello and Goodbye

We’re saying hello to new members and farewell to others, these days at Printmakers.

Goodbye to…

Long-time, esteemed member Cora Rupp is now a full time resident of Hilton Head, where she’s taking the local art scene by a storm.

Black by Cora Rupp

Paralleling her painting career for twenty years was the challenging administrative position as Executive Director of DC area The Art League. She retains her status as a juried artist of the Torpedo Factory and is now a lifetime member.

Cora’s enhanced monotype “garden” continues to grow beautifully, which you can visit here and here.

Kelly O’Brien, who moves this summer to Germany for a few years.

Grace in Full Bloom (detail) by Kelly O'Brien

In addition to immersing herself in the local art scene, she’s looking forward to getting involved at the birthplace of the printing press itself: the Guttenberg Museum in nearby Mainz.

Kelly joined Printmakers last May, immediately after jurying-in as a Torpedo Factory artist. She retains her associate artist status while away, which means you can continue to follow her work here and here.

Hello to…

Norma Pfaff, who most recently was a studio artist at Lorton Workhouse, joins us starting in June.

Model I by Norma Pfaff

Norma was a member of Washington Printmakers Gallery for five years, has been exhibited in national print shows, and she has participated in the Washington Area Printmakers  juried calendar since 2000.

Sunny Side Up by Norma Pfaff

Ruth Corning, who also joins us in June.

Tree I by Ruth Corning

After years of painting and silk screening, she now finds etching very liberating.

Ruth explains of her process, “Very often one of my plates begins in one direction and finishes in a very different place…sometimes I will put a plate that I have finished printing into the acid and burn off most of the image (to) etch a very different image over the shadow of the first.”

Critics by Ruth Corning

For Ruth, recycling can be fun.

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